Playstation 4 Review: Strong, But Needs Time To Mature

Both games are published by Sony Computer Entertainment and provided good testing grounds for the PlayStations slick new graphics and central processing units. There is a marked improvement here in the fluidity and quality of how the games look, and hint at a lot of potential for developers to make complex, visually stunning games down the line. Still, the game selection at launch is a bit light on blockbuster exclusives. (Unfortunately for gamers whove spend the better part of a decade building up their game libraries, like the Xbox One, the PS4 will not work with older games.) That will likely be the PS4s greatest weakness against the Xbox One in the early days of this head-to-head, and may even be enough to offset the $100 price advantage it has over Microsofts console.
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The PlayStation 4 All Access launch event recap

The DLC titled, Left Behind, shows The Last of Us character Ellie with a new character. Not much else about the DLC was revealed aside from a new character but more information will release soon enough. The DLC announcement came with a teaser trailer you can watch here . Sucker Punch Productions was also on set to show off a new trailer for their title INFAMOUS: Second Son. Two new trailers for the game were released. The first trailer showed off new abilities of the character Delsin, the second trailer showed off a more in depth look at his powers and his abilitiy to manipulate neon. Watch the two trailers here .
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