Playstation 4 Launch Freebies Include $10 Digital Credit, 30-day Ps Plus And Music Unlimited Trials

But one week ahead of the PlayStation 4’s launch, Sony is announcing a trio of free pack-ins meant to reward games who invest in the console early on. For a limited time, PS4 buyers in the United States and Canada will receive three bonuses packed in with the console. First is $10 worth of PlayStation Store credit that you’re free to use however you’d like, be it for a game purchase or HD movie rental. Next is a 30-day trial for Sony’s Music Unlimited service. Unfortunately, this one’s only valid for new premium plan subscribers. But the third voucher is arguably the most important of all three: PS4 owners in North America will get 30 days to try out PlayStation Plus. Sony’s monthly service is required for most online multiplayer gaming, so we’re happy to hear that Sony is making it easy for users to get acclimated with Plus.
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Every PlayStation 4 comes with free digital stuff — Store credit, Plus trial, and more

That includes full retail games, indie titles, and movies. PlayStation Plus is the companys premium online service. It enables multiplayer gaming on PS4 and also gives gamers access to free games as part of its Instant Game Collection feature. At the launch of the next console, PS Plus members can download the side-scrolling shooter Resogun at no extra charge. Music Unlimited is Sonys on-demand music-streaming app. A subscription enables unlimited streaming of top hits to the PS4 or to the app on on mobile devices.
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