Video Games And Mobiles ‘more Important To Children Than Water’

Video Games to Make $82 Billion More Than Hollywood Films

However, the survey also highlighted the importance of material possessions such as Xboxes and iPods to children. Invited to say what they could not live without, 8.9 per cent of those questioned said their games console, 5.7 per cent said their mobile phone, 4.3 per cent said music and 3.4 per cent said sweets or chocolate. Related Articles Children’s Commissioner Maggie Atkinson may have to re-apply for her job after critical report 06 Dec 2010 By contrast, only 1.3 per cent singled out water as the most important thing to them, while 1.5 per cent said someone to care for you and 0.9 per cent said happiness. The research, based on an online survey of 1,301 children and young people in England aged between six and 23, also illustrated the more fundamental priorities of the most vulnerable in society. Children in care and young adults who had been in care ranked basic practical items such as cookers and clothes, and the need to feels safe in their home, as the most important things for them.
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Maggie Atkinson: Children’s Commissioner: Parents should care more about young people’s happiness than success

Globally, the gaming industry is expected to bring in nearly $100 billion in sales, while the Hollywood box office is only anticipating $10.8 billion in revenue. Even celebrities are turning toward video games, with actors like Emma Stone, Christopher Walken and even Snoop Dogg lending their voices. Just three days after its release, Grand Theft Auto V made a record-breaking $1 billion. And Call of Duty: Ghosts whose commercials star Megan Fox is also predicted to hit the billion-dollar mark.
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