Taking Video Games From A Hobby To Career

The Best Video Games Of October, 2013

California leads the nation with 72 schools offering video game-related courses and programs, but Florida comes in fourth with 23. Many people come into the program with the idea that video game design is all about the graphics, the characters and world building, but programmers behind the scenes have equal part in making game play a reality, Sims said. He also said there is a mistaken impression that an art degree is useless, but the degrees are multifaceted, Sims said. Students who earn their diploma are able to pursue an array of fields relating to motion graphics, graphic design, software programming and more, even outside the scope of video game creation. These programs have a great focus on video games but you can always expand the idea of what youre able to do and go out and get programming jobs, Sims said. According to ESA CEO Michael D. Gallagher, video games are the fastest-growing, most dynamic form of entertainment in the world today. These students are preparing to join an industry that creates interactive software, innovative hardware, and ecosystems that spawn new business models and online communities, transforming consumer experiences, spurring technological advancements, and impacting important areas including education, healthcare and business, Gallagher said. In the next month, Sims said, Rasmussen will announce some major changes to its video game programs to keep up with the times. Technology is ever-evolving, Sims said.
Looking for the original article? Check here: http://suncoastnews.com/su/list/news-pasco/taking-video-games-from-a-hobby-to-career-20131102/

Black Flagtakes everything about the last game that was good and makes it better while throwing out almost all of the bad, boring, buggy stuff. Its such a huge leap forward Im still a little stunned. Not only is there a much bigger emphasis on naval combat and exploration, the melee combat itself is tighter and more responsive, and the graphics and Caribbean setting are incredible (I cant wait to play on PS4.) Most importantly, the game is just more funId argue that its more straight up fun than basically any other Assassins Creed game Ive played. Theres more stealth, better combat, a great focus on piracy, and a really great lead protagonist in the roguish Edward Kenway. (Hes especially good compared to the dreadfully boring Connor from last years game.) Even the modern day storyline (which I typically dont care for) is more tolerable. Ill have more to say in my upcoming review, but to make a long story short this game feels much more like Pirates Creed than Assassins Creed, and thats perfectly alright by me. I had very, very mixed feelings about Beyond: Two Souls . The good parts were great, but these were overshadowed by the generally subpar writing, the convoluted plot, and the lack of interesting gameplay and (even more importantly with a game like this) compelling choices. The Wolf Among Usdid it better even in just its first two hour episode.
Looking for the original article? Check here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2013/11/01/the-best-video-games-of-october-2013/


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