Xbox Thief Busted After Logging Onto Victim’s Account, Playing Videogames With Friends: Cops

Videogames vs. Movies: Have games replaced films as the modern popular narrative medium?

By Michael Walsh / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, October 24, 2013, 2:17 PM Comment The suspect’s friend referred to him by his first name, Israel, as he played on the stolen Xbox, an arrest affidavit says. A videogame thief practically turned himself in the moment he logged onto his victim’s Xbox account to chat with his friends, authorities said. Israel Amaya, of Nashville, Tenn., was arrested Wednesday night and charged with theft of property more than $1,000 but less than $10,000 and unlawful possession of a weapon, Nashville police said. RELATED: MAN SHOOTS FRIEND A DOZEN TIMES OVER PLOT TO STEAL PLAYSTATION The victim, Damien Burks, told police that his Xbox and TV were swiped sometime between August 23 and September 23. But he managed to access his account using a friend’s Xbox and saw that someone used his system to join an online chat room. In one conversation, a friend referred to the suspect by his first name, Israel, according to an arrest affidavit. RELATED: DODO GAMER GETS WRISTSLAP FOR STEAL-AND-SELL SCAM From previous encounters, authorities knew of a man in the area named Israel Amaya. They checked his Facebook page to find that he was selling a TV he supposedly bought at “Wally World.” It was the same size and brand as the victim’s TV, and featured the same stickers the victim previously slapped on, police said. While staking out his home, officers say they saw Amaya loading the appliance into his vehicle.
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Now, I and fellow videogame fiend Adam B. Vary debate whether videogames have outright passed the movies as the popular narrative medium. Tell us your own thoughts in the comments. (This is part of an ongoing series of posts in which EW writers debate the most defining pop culture rivalries. Past subjects have included the Schwarzenegger/Stallone , Godfather/Goodfellas , and the millenial pop-diva battle of between Britney and Christina . Come back here on Tuesday for a rousing battle between The Simpsons and South Park.) ADAM B. VARY (Videogame supporter): Its a truth that has been whispered by my friends (and a few of my colleagues) for a few years now, Darren, but I am unafraid to bray it proudly: The time of feature film dominance is dimming, and the days when videogames reign supreme is dawning.
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