Fifa 14 On Ios: The Most Authentic Portable Football Experience Around

In this case, EA knocked it out of the park. You can download the game and play for free all you want. It lets you take part in most of the modes, and there is almost an infinite number of enjoyment to be had. For a one-time-fee of $4.99 you can pay to unlock all the modes, which is awesome. Most of the other in-app purchases involve the Ultimate Team mode. You can play this mode all you want without spending money, but you will progress faster if you choose to throw down a little cash. Nothing about it is intrusive, and other companies (or EA divisions) could learn a lot about how to run a F2P game from FIFA 14. How Does It Play? FIFA 14 offers two different control schemes. The first, and the one it starts you with is terrible. Instead of the controls appearing on the screen, as it does in most iOS games, it uses only gestures.
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FIFA 14 vs PES 2014: a midfield clash

What if youre someone who prefers wiggling thumbsticks to kicking a ball around, but still wants to act out the beautiful game? You really only have two choices: EAs Fifa series or Konamis Pro Evolution Soccer. In recent years the choice has been easy. Fifa has always had glitz and glamour, but by borrowing gameplay ideas from its rival its become more realistic too, making it the all-round choice. It wasnt always that way. Ten years ago Pro Evolution Soccer was king a game designed for the real football fan whose eyes were attuned to the subtleties of the beautiful game. Fifa, in comparison, was a circus clown; a fast-paced arcade offering that allowed you to dribble through an entire team before placing a fifty-yard shot past the keeper. It was a frankly inferior version of the sport.
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