Major Nelson On Xbox One: Rrod Issues, Warranty And 4k Gaming

Xbox One Will Record All Of Your Achievements

Xbox One Console 1 Xbox One Will Record All Of Your Achievements

Once we identified that we took control of it. We wanted to do it right by our customers. Our customers are very important to us. With the Xbox One it is standard consumer electronics warranty. We are really excited about the reliability that folks will get out of the Xbox One. We had a lot of learning coming out of the Xbox 360 and we have put it in Xbox One. It has been in development for many, many years, Larry said in an interview with Newegg Arcade . He also confirmed that the Xbox One will not only support 4K resolution for entertainment media but also for gaming, but ultimately this will depend on the developers. Ye! We are really excited about that too. I am sure your audience knows that 4K is the next big thing.
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xbox one amd

Upon the consoles initial reveal, Microsoft had a bunch of plans and policies in place that really, just didnt make very much sense. In the months following, they changed, reversed and switched things up to position the console as a must have come this holiday season. Today, were hearing about another great feature that the company has added in, and thats the automatic recording of all your achievements. Yes, thats right achievement whores, every time you unlock one of those precious little gems, the Xbox One will automatically capture and store the past five minutes of video for you to watch and share. Now, this might not seem like a big deal but I can assure you that theres a large group of people out there who are probably ecstatic about this, and I dont blame them. Achievements are a big part of the Xboxs culture, and to have this feature included on the Xbox One is fantastic news for those who are serious about achievement hunting. Tell us, are you into achievements and if so, are you happy about this new feature on the Xbox One? Join us on your favorite social media site!
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