Fifa 14’s Xbox Generation Carryover Not Supported For Everything

While all this may have sounded pretty cool at that time, EA has just confirmed that there is a catch to all this. According to reports, EA has revealed that while the carryover option is still there for FIFA 14, not everything in the game fits the bill when transferring stuff from Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, or from PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation 4. Like Us on Facebook EA reveals every…single…team, in FIFA 2014 Executive Producer David Rutter revealed as much to Xbox 360 Achievements saying, “Some of it will, not all of it – but it will only carry over from Microsoft console to Microsoft console and Sony to Sony. Basically, anything online will carry over: EA Sport Football Club, seasons progress and Ultimate Team. Career mode won’t, because that’s locked to your console and we can’t get it. While most of us are content with the fact that all our online content will hopefully see a seamless transfer, a few will definitely be disappointed that EA wont allow your own career progress to carryover as well. When EA revealed the carryover option earlier this month, the company stated the game will have numerous opportunities when it comes to upgrading from the current generation edition of the game and make the move to the next generation. Whether your platform of choice is the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4, numerous retailers are offering opportunities to upgrade your experience when the new consoles launch this fall. The post, at that time, also confirmed that players can start their season on FIFA 14 on their current console, and can then bring the progress over to the next generation console. Your FIFA Ultimate Team travel with youso does your FIFA Seasons progress, including trophy case and leaderboards; your Online Virtual Pro and accomplishments; your EA SPORTS Level and XPso no time is wasted and no accomplishment goes unrecognized. Thats our promise to you, the post added. FIFA 14 released this September for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with next generation versions arriving for either console upon their respective November launches.
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FIFA 14 Review: Seattle Sounders On Top of MLS, New Leagues, New Features


They also have abrupt starts and stops rather than the natural fadeouts we’d grown accustomed to and their playback itself seems glitchy in that they start playing and then have a dropout in the audio entirely before starting up again (sort of like an old LP record skipping). This is a bit disappointing and I can only hope someone at EA Sports knows about this and is working on a bug fix for this often less talked about, lesser known feature of the game. It is a glaring wart for some people who enjoy this feature on an otherwise nearly perfect release to the game. SUMMARY All in all FIFA 14 is well worth the money. If you are Sounders fan who enjoys playing with our team you are now in very good company.
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