Ps4 Vs Xbox One Graphics: Watch Dogs Runs On 30fps, Developers Finding Hd Difficult

“I think for where we are, the most important thing is the steadiness and [ensuring] that it’s always capped the same so when you play it, it feels right.” According to the report, he was also unable to confirm if the game will come close to running in 1080p, and said 720p could be where the game winds up. Video game companies have been finding it difficult to reach this true HD even though that was the ambition of the new consoles. The creators of Battlefield 4 were able to get the formula right, but other big games like Killzone: Shadow Fall were unable to get past 30fps in single player. Forza 4 will also be in 1080p 60fps, reported MCV. Like us on Facebook Both consoles will feature eight core processors on a frequency of 1.6GHz with custom AMD graphics processors and Blu-ray drives, reported The Guardian U.K. PS4 will have slightly better graphics in the lighting and shading departments because of its 18 Compute Units (CU) of processing power compared to XBOX One’s 12 CU.
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Microsoft is Taking the Xbox One on Tour!


Google announced yesterday its taking Glass on tour , now Microsoft has dropped its hat in the ring. Whos going to be the cant miss tour of 2013. Microsofts been known to put on a great show, but sometimes they suck live . Still, the fliers for this show are already spelling out a blowout! Test Drive Xbox One is hitting the road with four decked out Xbox One trucks. Meet us at a Test Drive stop in one of the cities below and well put a controller in your hands, a game on the screen, and a spring in your step thatll carry you through to launch. Area One Drop in** on one of our Area One parties to experience the new Xbox One console before it goes on sale November 22. With live music, live gameplay, and more, you and your friends can paint the town green. Be sure to bring your ID: This event is 18+ only!
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