Xbox One Vs. Playstation 4: How Do They Measure Up Under The Hood?

While the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 had dramatically different architecture, the Xbox One and PS4 have a lot of the same guts the CPU and eight-core graphics processing unit were both made by the same chip manufacturer, AMD, for the first time. Sony Many developers have pronounced Sony’s PlayStation 4 to be the more powerful system. But will that help the console, or could the extra juice prove to be as damaging as it was for the PS3? Yes, Smith acknowledged the main difference, the one that’s highlighted by PlayStation fans: The PS4 graphics processor weighs in at 1.84 trillion operations per second (“teraflops”), while the Xbox One’s, even after the spec bump, only hits around 1.3 teraflops. There are many more granular details here for instance, the Xbox One’s CPU, originally estimated to be on par with the PS4 at 1.6 GHz, could actually be faster than its rival’s at this point but people are right in thinking the teraflop differential may have an impact in some situations. In cases where a game is optimized for a PS4 in one way or another, Smith said, Xbox One players might see slightly lower-quality image resolution or graphical fidelity. But these issues will play out based on factors such as which console a studio develops for first and of course the nature of the game itself. That’s the dirty secret: The added juice won’t matter if the software doesn’t make use of it.
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Put the Xbox One on its end “at your own risk”

by Casey Johnston – Sep 20, 2013 3:04 pm UTC 96 Don’t. Would-be Xbox One owners will stand the machines on their end at their own peril, according to an interview at GameSpot with Albert Penello, Microsoft senior director of product management and planning for Xbox. Unlike the previous generation, the new Xbox is not made to stand on its side, thanks to the design of the disc drive. Microsofts current console, the Xbox 360, has always supported either vertical or horizontal positioning on a surface; this is something of a feat, since the tray-load drive is vertical when the box is standing on its end. The new Xbox one will have a slot loading drive, like the PlayStation 3 and upcoming PlayStation 4, but its not designed to be used while the box is in an upright position. We dont support vertical orientation; do it at your own risk, said Penello. It wouldnt be a cooling problem, we just didnt design the drive for vertical. Penello expects that the constraint wont be a problemaccording to Microsofts own research, 80 percent of people stash their Xbox 360s horizontally anyway. While the Xbox division has changed its stance on a handful of aspects of the console, this is one it probably cant backtrack on, even in the face of an angry 20 percent minority.
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