Fifa 14: Highlighting The Most Exciting New Features In This Year’s Game

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Below, we’ll take a closer look at the most exciting new features gamers should be on the lookout for in this year’s edition of FIFA. Pure Shot Shooting and scoring should look and feel better than ever in FIFA 14 thanks to the new Pure Shot feature, which is combined with Real Ball Physics to make goalscoring more realistic. Not only will the ball move like it does in real life in FIFA 14, but players will approach each shot differently, taking better angles or changing up their stride in order to strike the ball cleanly and effectively. Players will always attempt to set up the best shot possible. So if you’re launching a shot from 40 yards out like @OfficialMgh on Twitter, you can expect your player to crack the ball with the necessary power: Loving the FIFA 14 demo, feels much slower – and much more realistic. Just smashed home a 40 yards beast of a goal with Yaya Toure!
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New FIFA 14 cover changes Bale’s shirt, closes his mouth

Now we have our answer, and it seems EA’s gone for the first option. Here’s the before and after pics: Prev Next Yes, Gareth Bale is still on the cover, with his Tottenham shirt replaced by a Real Madrid one. The move is controversial for two reasons, however. Firstly, it’s interesting seeing both Barcelona and Real Madrid – rival teams – on the same cover. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Bale’s mouth has been closed by approximately 450%. This is a massive deal to those following the history of FIFA cover mouth sizes . Last summer we were concerned when EA revealed that it was dropping Wayne Rooney from the cover of FIFA games, because it would probably mean an end to the yearly tradition of seeing how wide his mouth was opened. Sure enough, FIFA 13’s cover was disappointing because although it featured Messi, his mouth was nowhere near as gaping as Rooney’s had been the year before.
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